Our Philosophy

At Student Beehive, we believe doing business is about far more than just generating a profit, it’s about supporting the students that live with us, along with our other stakeholders, in a way that represents all of their best interests. We strive to create a culture built on trust, clarity and respect for all who live within our walls to enjoy.

Raising expectations

We want to change the way accommodation is provided for students, raising people’s expectations about service, quality and communication. We want students to find renting a room from us incredibly easy and we want them to feel safe, comfortable and looked after. We want their parents to have peace of mind and we want the students to recommend us to other people.

Book your Student Accommodation Direct

Its always tempting to book through an agent who will promise you a smooth process. But take it from us, the best way to book is direct with Beehive! We will always be cheaper than any other like for like room via an agents website and we guarantee that our dedicated management team will provide a smooth simple booking process. If you have questions about booking a room then use the link below to talk directly to the people who know best about all that is Beehive.

Get in Touch

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Student Beehive is a trading brand operated by Harington Student Ltd and Twitten Student Ltd