For letting residential accommodation of a dwelling house

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Property: - Room: 23

Week Contract

General Notes

  1. This tenancy agreement is for letting furnished or unfurnished residential accommodation on an assured short-hold tenancy within the provisions of the Housing Act 1988 as amended by Part III of the Housing Act 1996. As such, this is a legal document and should not be used without adequate knowledge of the law of landlord and tenant.
  2. This agreement may be used for residential tenancies of three years or less. Agreements for tenancies of a longer duration should be drawn up by deed.
  3. A Notice of Assured Short-hold Tenancy need no longer be served on the Tenant for new tenancies created on or after February 28 1997.
  4. Section 196 of the Law of Property Act 1925 provides that a notice shall be sufficiently served if sent by registered or recorded delivery post (if the letter is not returned undelivered) to the Tenant at the Property or the last known address of the Tenant or left addressed to the Tenant at the Property

Note for Tenants

  1. This tenancy agreement is a legal and binding contract, and the Tenant is responsible for payment of the full agreed rent for the entire agreed term. The agreement may not be terminated early unless the agreement contains a break clause, or written permission is obtained from the Landlord
  2. By signing this agreement you have accepted the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation & Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 (the CCRs), you may cancel the Agreement by giving us written notice of your intention to do so within 7 days from the date of acceptance, however there will be no refund of any paid deposit.
  3. If you cancel this Agreement after 7 days from the date of acceptance, you will be liable for paying the accommodation fees for the remainder of the License Term, unless a replacement is found. Are placement must be a student who has not already registered for any Student Beehive accommodation.
  4. If you are unsure of your obligations under this agreement, then you are advised to take independent legal advice before signing.

THIS AGREEMENT is made on the date specified below BETWEEN the Landlord and the Tenant. It is intended that the tenancy created by this Agreement is and shall be an assured short-hold tenancy within the meaning of the Housing Act 1988 as amended by the Housing Act 2004.

Date: 2020-03-24 13:00:00



Property: The property known as: - Room: 23

Contents: The Landlord’s fixtures, fittings, furniture, carpets, curtains and other effects at the Property that is listed in the attached Inventory

Term: from 2020-03-24 14:40:00 to 2020-03-24 14:40:00
This contract will expire on 2020-03-24 14:40:00 without further notice from the Landlord

Rent: £2222 in total for the tenancy

Rent Payments: The Rent is to be paid on the following dates:

Initial payment on signing of this agreement £ (Includes £ rent advancement, £ room bond.)

1st Payment due: 25-03-2020 of £222
2nd Payment due: 30-11--0001 of £55
3rd Payment due: 12-03-2020 of £44
4th Payment due: 18-03-2020 of £
5th Payment due: 30-11--0001 of £33

Room Bond: £ to be returned at the end of the tenancy minus any damages or charges.

Student Beehive Notes: fdff

No room will be confirmed booked until the £ is in our account and the signed Agreement is returned to Student Beehive.

How to Pay

Payments can be made by online banking. Please use the following details:

UK Residents

International Students

Please write your room number in any reference when making an online payment.

Service of notices on the landlord:

Under s. 48, Landlord and Tenant Act 1987, The Landlord agrees that any notices given under or in connection with this agreement which are required to be given in writing may be served on the Landlord either by being left at the address of the Landlord’s Agent above or by being sent to that address by first class recorded post. Notices shall be taken to be received the next working day after being left at the property or the day after posting.

The Landlord agrees that any notices given under or in connection with this agreement which are required to be given in writing may, alternatively, be sent by email. Notices sent by email shall be taken to be received the day after being sent. The Landlord’s Agent’s email address for these purposes is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  1. The Landlord agrees:
    1. To let the Property and the items listed in the Inventory to the Tenant for the Term at the Rent payable above. As long as the Tenant complies with the Tenant's obligations (see below), the Landlord and the Landlord’s Agent agrees not to interfere with the Tenant's use and enjoyment of the Property.
    2. To pay the balance of the bond to the Tenant within one month after the conclusion of the tenancy, minus any reasonable costs incurred for the breach of any obligation.
    3. To keep the structure and exterior of the Property in good repair.
    4. To keep the installations of the Property in good repair and proper working order for water, gas, electricity, sanitation and heating.
    5. To ensure that the Property has an up-to-date gas safety certificate under the Gas Safety (Installations and Use) Regulations Act1998. All gas appliances, flues and other fittings to be checked periodically to ensure they are safe and working properly.
    6. To comply with the obligations under the Fire and Safety Regulations 1988. All of the Landlord's furniture and furnishings, including sofas, beds, cushions and pillows, must meet these fire safety standards.
    7. To return to the Tenant any rent payable for any period during which the Property may have been rendered uninhabitable by fire or any other risk which the Landlord has insured.
    8. The landlord will only communicate and deal all named tenants in this agreement living at our property, the landlord reserves the right to refuse to deal with any 3rd parties, companies or individuals.
    2. The Tenant agrees:
    1. To pay the Rent on the days and in the manner specified to the Landlord's Agent
    2. To pay the room bond as security for the performance of the Tenant's obligations and to pay and compensate the Landlord for the reasonable costs of breach of these obligations. And further agrees that if the Landlord has recourse to the bond during the Tenancy, the Landlord may immediately demand from the Tenant whatever amount is required to restore the amount of the bond to the original sum.
    3. Not to damage or injure the Property and Contents or make any alteration or addition to it. Any redecoration is to be made only with the prior written consent of the Landlord or the Landlord’s Agent
    4. Not to leave the Property vacant for more than 28 consecutive days and to take reasonable steps to properly secure all locks and bolts to the doors, windows and other openings when leaving the Property unattended
    5. To keep the interior of the Property and the items listed in the Inventory in good and clean condition and complete repair (reasonable wear and tear excepted) and to take reasonable steps to keep the Property at all times well and sufficiently aired and warmed during the tenancy
    6. To immediately pay the Landlord or his Agent the value of replacement of any items listed in the Inventory lost damaged or destroyed or at the option of the Landlord, replace immediately any items listed in the Inventory, and not to remove or permit to be removed any items listed in the Inventory from the Property
    7. To yield up the Property and items listed in the Inventory at the expiration or sooner determination of the tenancy in the same clean state or condition as they shall be in at the commencement of the tenancy
    8. To pay reasonable costs for any cleaning services that may be required to reinstate the Property to the same order that it was provided at the commencement of the tenancy.
    9. To leave the items listed in the Inventory at the end of the tenancy in approximately the same places in which they were positioned at the commencement of the tenancy
    10. That the Landlord or any person authorised by the Landlord or the Landlord’s Agent may at reasonable times of the day on giving 24 hours' notice (unless in the event of an emergency at the Property) enter the Property for the purpose of viewing, inspecting its condition and state of repair or for the purpose of repair, maintenance or repainting including inspections and repairs as required by law
      Note: An emergency would include something which, if not dealt with by the landlord immediately, would put at imminent risk the health and safety of the tenant or members of his household or other persons residing in the vicinity. It does not apply to carrying out routine repairs.
    11. Not to assign, or sublet, part with possession of the Property, or let any other person live at the Property
    12. To use the Property as a single private dwelling and not to use it or any part of it for any other purpose nor to allow anyone else to do so
    13. Not to receive paying guests or carry on or permit to be carried on any business, trade or profession on or from the Property
    14. Not to do or permit or suffer to be done in or on the Property any act or thing which may be a nuisance damage or annoyance to the Landlord or to the occupiers of the neighbouring premises.
    15. Not to keep any animals or birds or other living creature on the Property without the Landlord's written consent such consent if granted to be revocable at any time on reasonable grounds by the Landlord. Any damage caused by animals will be chargeable in full to the tenant.
    16. Not to alter or change or install any locks on any doors or windows in or about the Property or have any additional keys made for any locks without the prior written consent of the Landlord which must not be unreasonably withheld or delayed
    17. Not to use the Property for any illegal, immoral or anti-social purposes
    18. To notify the Landlord promptly of any disrepair, damage or defect in the Property or of any event which causes damage to the Property or which may give rise to a claim under the insurance of the Property
    19. Not to glue stick or otherwise fix anything whatsoever to the exterior or interior of the Property without the Landlord's written consent
    20. To take all reasonable precautions to prevent damage by frost
    21. To take all reasonable precautions to keep the drains within the Property free from obstruction
    22. Not to introduce into the Property any portable heaters fired by liquid or bottled gas fuels without the Landlord's prior written consent which must not be unreasonably withheld or delayed
    23. That where the Property is left unoccupied, without prior notice in writing to the Landlord or Agent, for more than 28 days and the Rent for this period is unpaid, the Tenant is deemed to have surrendered the Tenancy. This means that the Landlord may take over the Property and re-let it.
    24. To return the keys of the Property to the Agent on the agreed termination date, or the end of the tenancy (whichever is sooner). The Tenant also agrees to pay for any reasonable charges incurred by the Agent in securing the Property against re-entry where keys are not returned
    3. End of Tenancy:
    1. The Landlord will terminate the Tenancy on the last day of the Term without any further notice.
    2. Except for fair wear and tear, the Tenant must return the Property and any items listed on the inventory to the Landlord in the same condition and state of cleanliness as they were at the start of the Tenancy.
    3. The Tenant must remove all possessions (including any furniture) belonging to the Tenant or any Member of the Tenant’s Household or visitor and all rubbish from the Property at the end of the Tenancy. If any such possessions are left at the Property after the Tenancy has ended, the Tenant will be responsible for meeting all reasonable removal and disposal storage charges.
    4. The Tenant must give vacant possession and return all keys to the Landlord at the end of the Tenancy.
    4. By obtaining a court order, the Landlord may re-enter the Property and immediately thereupon the tenancy shall absolutely determine without prejudice to the other rights and remedies of the Landlord if the Tenant has not complied with any obligation in this Agreement or should the Rent be in arrears by more than fourteen days whether formally demanded or not.
    5. The Landlord agrees to carry out any repairing obligations as required by section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.

    Note: The landlord’s repairing obligations under the tenancy are contained in section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. These cannot be limited or restricted by anything in a tenancy agreement. Section 11 makes the landlord responsible for repairing (not improving) the structure and the exterior of the property (e.g. the walls, the roof, the steps and windows) and the installations for the supply of gas, electricity, water, and for sanitation, heating and hot water. This includes installations such as water and gas pipes, electrical wiring, boilers, water tanks, radiators, sinks, baths and toilets. Repairs must be carried out within a reasonable time of the landlord being notified of or becoming aware of the need for repair.
    6. The Landlord must insure the Property against fire, flooding and other risks usually covered by a comprehensive insurance policy and must use all reasonable efforts to arrange for any damage caused by an insured risk to be remedied as soon as possible. The Tenant is responsible for arranging insurance of the Tenant’s own belongings.
    1. Where the Property is uninhabitable because of damage caused to the Property by an insured risk then, unless the damage was caused by the Tenant’s negligence or failure to comply with the Tenant’s obligations under this agreement, and a Property of similar or greater standard is not provided, the Tenant shall not be required to pay rent until the Property is fit for occupation and use.
    7. In this Agreement unless the context otherwise requires the following expressions shall have the following meanings:
      "The Landlord" includes the persons for the time being entitled to the reversion expectant on determination of the tenancy
      "The Tenant" includes the successors in title. Whenever there is more than one Tenant all covenants and obligations can only be enforced against the Tenants individually
    8. The parties agree:
    1. Before the Landlord can end this tenancy, he shall serve any notice(s) on the Tenant in accordance with the provisions of the Housing Acts. Such notice(s) shall be sufficiently served if served in accordance with section 196 of the Law of Property Act 1925 (see note 5)
    9. This Agreement, which includes the Inventory and the First schedule referred to below, constitutes the entire agreement between Landlord and Tenant and cannot be modified except in writing and signed by all parties.
    1. The Property is let together with the special conditions (if any) listed in the First Schedule below:


Special conditions:

  1. The Tenant will pay a fine of £30 every week that the rent is late by 7 days or more past the due date unless a prior arrangement has been made with the Landlord or the Landlord’s Agent.
  2. The Landlord shall pay all reasonable gas, water, electrical charges for appliances supplied by the Landlord.
  3. Additional appliances such as electric heaters, air conditioners, de-humidifiers, static and fixed fans, gas heaters and water pumps, may only be used on the premises with the prior written consent of the Landlord.
  4. The Landlord reserves the rights to change a tenants’ room if needs be; like for like or smaller with the tenant paying the lower cost rent if applicable.
  5. Should the tenant become de-registered as a student the tenant will be liable for any council tax that Harrington Students Ltd is charged by the local council.
  6. Should the tenant not keep the Property up to a reasonable clean standard the tenant will be liable for the reasonable costs that the Landlord incurs to have the Property cleaned.
  7. The Landlord agrees to extend the days of Vacancy in clause 2.4 to 75 days at the start of the Tenancy. This is to allow for the start of the University Academic Year.
  8. The internet and Wi-Fi services are complimentary, and any loss of service will be reported and remedied by the provider. The tenant is also responsible for providing adequate internet security for their equipment as the company is not liable for damage to hardware or software caused by viruses or malicious programs.
  9. Should any tenant wish to stay on for additional days past the termination date of the tenancy agreement there will be a charge of £40 per day. This is only available at the discretion of the management and subject to availability
  10. The tenant will pay for the relevant licenses if any live television is being received in any individual room or common areas within their designated apartment
  11. Student Beehive has a zero-tolerance policy on Drugs. No illegal drugs or substances are permitted anywhere on the premise. Any tenant found with illegal drugs/substances on their person will be in breach of the terms of this tenancy agreement and in all cases the Police will be notified.
  12. Knowingly withholding rent is classed as a breach of contract under any circumstance, under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.


This document is signed by the Tenant in confirmation that he has read and accepts the Tenancy Agreement to which it refers and he is accepting the accommodation being offered.


Accommodation Offered: Room 23

Rent: £ 2222 Total cost of tenancy


As witness the hands of parties hereto the day and year first before written.

Signature Date: 2020-03-24 13:00:00

Signed by, or on behalf of .

confirm that I have read this document and understand the terms and conditions imposed.

Signed by (The Tenant)

1.Tenant Details

Guarantor Statement for Tenancy Agreement

In consideration of agreeing; to grant a tenancy for the premises known as

Room: 23 to the tenant

for Rent of £2222 starting from the 2020-03-24 14:40:00

I hereby agree to be answerable to (The Landlord) for any and all rent which the tenant shall be liable to pay to The Landlord.

I shall also be answerable to the Landlord for any other duty under the Tenancy Agreement for which the tenant shall incur costs against .

This guarantee and security and my liability under it shall not be affected by giving any time or indulgence to the tenant.

By filling in the Guarantor Statement for Tenancy Agreement information I have the Guarantor’s permission, and they are fully aware of their responsibility’s by agreeing to be a guarantor. Should the tenant fail to pay the agreed rent, the named Guarantor will be responsible for the unpaid amount of rent and any costs incurred to recover such costs.



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